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  • Atlanta Arsenal Cartridge Box

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    Atlanta Arsenal Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: CON 425

    Wonderful Confederate Cartridge Box manufactured by the Atlanta Arsenal.  This example was likely captured by Sheman’s troops at the arsenal and repurposed as a Union box.  The box is in excellent condition and mounted with a U.S. box plate that has been with the box since the war, beneath the plate shows that the plate had not been disturbed and the orientation of the loops are identical to the plate.  Additionally, the shoulder strap had been with the box and exhibits an untouched caking of material between box and sling.  The breast plate has been moved down for a shorter soldier and shows it was used in both positions.  The back of the sling bears ink inked soldiers’ initials.  The box is a textbook example of the Atlanta box with pointed belt loops, hand-stitched construction, thicker outer flap with tooled boarder as well as a thinner closure tab (separated on the left) the sand-cast brass finial is present as are the tins. The secondary flap has a tooled line and is slightly asymmetrical.  There is a small hole and a split in the leather.  The box features a pair of horseshoe shaped buckles which are in excellent condition with an original enamel finish.  The interior of the outer flap has soldier’s initials in three-inch letters. The box features a series of small tack holes where it was mounted to wood blocks during manufacture.  The union counterparts were embossed with asterisk shaped markings.  A classic Confederate box!

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    Inventory Number: CON 425