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  • Austrian 1842 Musket with Leman Percussion Conversion

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    Austrian 1842 Musket with Leman Percussion Conversion - Inventory Number:  RIF 147

    The Austrian 1842 musket was a .70 caliber smoothbore musket originally manufactured with a tube-lock ignition system. This example is one of 25,000 supplied to the U.S. Ordnance Department by the firm of Kruse, Drexel, and Schmidt, which were imported in tube-lock configuration for issue to General John C. Fremont’s Department of the West. They arrived in the field without their unique tube primers, the first shipment having exploded during transit due to mishandling. Subsequently, about 8,000 of the arms were shipped to Frankfort Arsenal and subcontracted to Henry Leman of Lancaster, Pennsylvania for alteration using his patent breech conversion. This example remains in good, uncleaned condition with all iron surfaces developing a light brown patina. The lock holds well on all positions and functions flawlessly. The nipple is original to the musket and is somewhat bent. The ramrod is correct and original to the gun. The middle barrel band is friction fit to the stock and somewhat loose. The stock is well used but in good condition with a few chips, dings, and scuffs from service. A nice example of a well-documented, imported longarm that saw significant use by early war Western Theater troops.

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    Inventory Number:  RIF 147