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  • Austrian Lorenz Rifle-Musket / SOLD

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    Austrian Lorenz Rifle-Musket - Inventory Number:  RIF 150 / SOLD

    The Model 1854 Austrian “Lorenz” Rifle-Musket was second only to the Enfield in the numbers imported by both sides during the Civil War. They were widely issued from late 1861 until the end of the war, particularly to Union forces in the Western Theater and the Confederate Army of the Tennessee. Most were imported in the original .54 caliber, and some were bored and re-rifled to .58 caliber. There are two types of rear sights; a simple block sight and a folding leaf sight with two graduations to 900 yards. Some stocks have a cheek rest, and some do not. The rifles were generally liked by the Civil War soldier as handy and accurate firearms. 

    This example has a .58 caliber bore which is fairly dark but retains good rifling. The iron surfaces have aged to a mottled plum patina. The hammer holds on all positions, and the nipple is original and in good condition. This example has the folding rear sight and lacks the cheek piece on the stock, which remains in good condition with done chips and dents from service. The large letter “F” is carved into the flat of the stock opposite the lock. The ramrod is a correct style reproduction. A nice representative Lorenz that could have seen service with either Union or Confederate forces.


    Inventory Number:  RIF 150 / SOLD