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  • Battle of Champion Hills

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    Battle of Champion Hills - Inventory Number: PRI 082

    Original Kurtz and Allison print depicting the “Rear Attack by General John A. Logan – May 16th 1863”  Published in 1887 this lithograph is titled Battle of Champion-Hills.  This print depicts the titular Civil War battle, as Southern and Northern forces combat each other by charging and firing, as three generals triumphantly trot on horseback. To the lower margins is a printed title and copyright credit to Kurz and Allison.  Housed in an original period frame with archival materials.  Frame measures 27" x 21 3/4".  

    Prints depicting the Civil War battles by Kurz and Allison are among the most sought after collectibles of Civil War enthusiasts." according to the Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College.  In spite of their lack of historical accuracy, Kurz and Allison prints (or details from them) are still used as book covers and iconic images of the Civil War    


    Inventory Number: PRI 082