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  • Bezique Card Game

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    Bezique Card Game - Original box with original cards.  Cards are in superb condition.  Extraordinary colors and nice corners.  Manufactured by Goodall, London. 

    Bezique is the ancestor of Pinochle, and that game's two-handed version is very similar to Bezique but with slightly different deck and slightly different scoring.  A trick taking card game in which players score for winning aces and 10s in tricks, and for forming certain combinations of cards from tricks won and cards in hand.   Point-scoring combinations include four of a kind (aces, kings, queens and jacks only), a marriage (king and queen of same suit), sequence (A-10 of trump) or a Bezique (queen of spades and jack of diamonds).  Bezique uses a subset of the standard playing cards, composed of the seven through Ace taken from two decks (i.e. the deck contains no deuces through sixes, with all other cards appearing twice).  A game of Bezique goes through three distinct stages or "phases" of play, and is somewhat reminiscent of cribbage and canasta.

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