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  • Black Ball Ballot Box / Sold

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    Black Ball Ballot Box - Inventory Number: MIS 102 / Sold

    Early in the Civil War, many State Regiments elected their own officers.  Soldiers voted by placing colored balls in the wood box at times they used a special form of voting. This involved the process of 'black- balling'.  A secret ballot was undertaken with each participant using a white or black ball to register acceptance or rejection.  This is a dark timber black ball voting or ballot box.  The lid promotes. This compartment has a curved pocket on the inner division, between the “posting” and “posted” compartments so that a ball can be dropped from one side to the other as the vote is cast.   Balls are not present and crack present near handle.  Many boxes, such as this one, had a carrying handle to make it easy to pass around.  Measures approximately 7" x 7" and is 7 ¼" tall.  Constructed of hardwood, most probably mahogany with dovetailed construction. Wonderful example.

    Inventory Number: MIS 102 / Sold