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  • Bormann Artillery Shell / SOLD


    Bormann Artillery Shell - Inventory Number: ART 204 / SOLD

    A complete 12-pound case shot artillery shell with its original attached sabot. The sabot is a wooden cup designed to align the ball, keeping the fuze forward and centered in the cannon bore.  If the fuze was not aligned that way, the blast from the firing gun could penetrate the thin fuze cover and cause a premature detonation.        

    Iron bands with a disc on top held the ball. The fuze was exposed through a hole in the disc. The loose fit in the gun barrel ("windage") allowed flame to envelope the projectile when fired which was more than sufficient to ignite the fuze.    

    A deep groove cut into the base of the sabot allowed a cartridge bag to be attached, creating what was known as a "fixed round". Fixed ammunition made for much quicker loading.

    Ex: Don Troiani Collection

    Inventory Number: ART 204 / SOLD