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  • Bormann Fuse Punch / SOLD

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    Bormann Fuse Punch - Inventory Number: ART 343/ SOLD

    This non-excavated Bormann fuze cutter, also known as a punch, is in very good condition.  Its brass knob and iron blade have a nice light aged patina.  This device was used to cut into the powder train at the desired time-marking on the thin face of a Bormann time fuze. The flame from the cannon's firing blast ignited the fuze, at the time-marking punched, which would burn until the shell exploded. This Bormann fuze cutter iron blade measures approximately 3 7/8 inches in length and its brass handle approximately 1 3/8 inches in diameter. Neat artillery related accoutrement. 

    Inventory Number: ART 343 / SOLD