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  • Broadside Deck View of Monitor "Dictator"

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    Broadside Deck View of Monitor "Dictator" - Inventory Number: ALB 067

    USS Dictator was a single-turreted ironclad monitor, designed for speed, and to sail on the open sea. Originally to be named Protector, the Navy Department preferred a more aggressive name, and thus she was named Dictator. She was the sister ship of USS Puritan. Despite her being designed for speed, design problems limited her to a maximum of 10 knots. She served in two different periods; from 1864 to 1865, serving with the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.  The ship was commissioned on 11 November 1864, under the command of Commander J. Rodgers, with a crew 174.  From 1869 to 1877, with the North Atlantic Fleet. After her final decommissioning in 1877, she was sold in 1883.

    Inventory Number: ALB 067