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  • Buffalo Bill Cody Letter / Sold

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    Buffalo Bill Cody Letter - Inventory Number: DOC 259 / Sold

    Dear Mary, you don’t quite understand the situation, only they tried to deduct $50 day out of my wages to pay on the old loan of 20,000 given by Lillie & Co. and foe which he sold the show for. I would not stand for when I made stand. That the $20,000 loan was paid from the sale of the show. Rather than a fight. He mitigated had his blank to pay me $100 a day he writes one

    I claim he owes me 9300 hours and if we can’t confront onyx. I will bring suit. Not in Denver, but some town in Kansas. I’ll get him of his own fighting grounds. I’ll have good stands for something is a tricky fighter. He will favor to hire a lot of liars. Don’t worry love to all.


    Inventory Number: DOC 259 / Sold