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  • Cadet Rifle Socket Bayonet

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    Cadet Rifle Socket Bayonet - Inventory Number: BAY 241

    This is a Very Good condition example of the scarce US M1867/69 Cadet Rifle Socket Bayonet (Reilly B126). These bayonets were made up for use on the US Model 1867 and Model 1869 "Trapdoor" Cadet Rifles and were also used for the US M1867 Navy Rolling Block Cadet Rifle. Like most US cadet bayonets of the 19th century, the blades were shorter and slightly thinner than the standard issue socket bayonets of the period.

    During the late 1860s, most of the bayonets in use were still US M1855 socket bayonets from the Civil War era, as most of the newly adopted .50-70 Trapdoor rifles were made up from parts on hand or were actual alterations of Civil War period muskets (Ist and 2nd Allin Conversions). Thus, the guns had barrels with the same outer diameter as the earlier muskets and the old pattern bayonets fit them correctly. Later, as the caliber was reduced to .45-70 and smaller bayonet sockets were required, many of the older bayonets were sleeved or compressed to fit the smaller barrels. These cadet bayonets were newly made and were not altered from existing stocks of M1855 bayonets.

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     Inventory Number: BAY 241