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  • Cannonball from Gettysburg Original 12 Pound Solid Shot

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    Cannonball from Gettysburg, Original 12 Pound Solid Shot - Inventory Number: ART 227 - SOLD 

    This shell was formerly of the Shields Museum - The Shields Museum stood along Route 30 just west of Gettysburg and housed a large collection of artifacts related to the battle until its closure in the 1980's.  This shell was then sold by Redding's Auction of Gettysburg in 2003 to a private collector who has retained it until now.

    Ott Shields amassed one of the earliest and well known collections of Gettysburg artifacts.  In 1918, he opened a private museum that featured the "Shields Collection," one of the few documented Gettysburg collections obtained by local families (Rosensteel; Danner; Wert; Mumper; Ziegler, etc.). The Shields Museum closed in the 1980s and the collection was sold at auction on November 16, 1985.  Offering over 600 lots "comprised mostly of Gettysburg battlefield pick-ups relics," the auction attracted several hundred Civil War collectors, dealers, and museum buyers. 

    Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

    Inventory Number: ART 227 - SOLD