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  • Empty Cartridge Box for the Moore Teat Fire Revolver / SOLD

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    Cartridge Box for the Moore Teat Fire Revolver - Inventory Number: BUL 387 / SOLD

    The Teat-fire cartridge was a .32 caliber pistol cartridge designed by Daniel Moore and manufactured by Moore and his partner David Williamson for their Pocket Revolver and was produced under both the Moore and National Arms marques by the National Arms Company of Brooklyn, New York. The Moore .32 Teat-fire, which used a unique cartridge to get around the Rollin White patent owned by Smith & Wesson, proved a popular option during the Civil War. The Teat-fire cartridge had a rounded rear with a small "teat" that would protrude through a tiny opening in the rear of the cylinder. The priming mixture was contained in the "teat" and when the hammer struck it, the cartridge would fire. National Arms produced about 30,000 of the revolvers from 1864 to 1870, when it was acquired by Colt's Manufacturing Company. This empty cartridge box measures 3 ½” by 2” by 1 ½” and is covered in orange paper with a black and gold paper label on the lid that reads “FIFTY No.1 Flat Teat. Metallic CENTRAL FIRE WATER PROOF NATIONAL REVOLVER CARTRIDGES. D. WILLIAMSON’S PATENT, ISSUED JANUARY 5th, 1864.” A scarce cartridge box in good condition. 


    Inventory Number: BUL 387 / SOLD