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  • CDV, Lincoln and Washington Apotheosis

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    CDV, Lincoln and Washington Apotheosis - Inventory Number:  POL 229

    This carte-de-visite memorial card, originally painted by Stephen James Ferris, shows George Washington welcoming Lincoln into heaven with a laurel wreath. There is a shaft of light above the Presidents' heads with angels visible inside. Apotheosis is the elevation of an individual to divine status. The practice dates to antiquity, but in more recent centuries it commonly refers to the elevation of an especially important leader, often one who was assassinated or seen as a martyr. Apotheosis brushes the controversies and criticisms surrounding the individual aside, and the leader emerges as a semi-divine figure to be honored and emulated. That was case with Abraham Lincoln after he was assassinated on April 14, 1865, when he became for many Americans “Abraham Lincoln, The Nation’s Martyr.”

    Comes housed in a 6 x 8 inch display case with black velvet backing and descriptive card.

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     Inventory Number:  POL 229