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  • Federal Parrot Chilled - Nose Bolt

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    Federal Parrott Chilled – Nose Bolt

    DIAMETER: 3.63 inches
    GUN: 20-pounder Parrott rifle, 3.67-inch caliber
    LENGTH: 8 7/8 inches
    WEIGHT: 19 pounds 14 ounces
    CONSTRUCTION: Solid shot
    SABOT: Brass ring
    FUZING: None

    This style of Parrott projectile is commonly referred to as a Parrott chilled-nose bolt. This projectile was designed primarily for destroying fortifications and not used as an anti-personnel projectile.  Projectile was manufactured in the Federal arsenals following the invention of Robert Parrott. The sabot system utilized was a narrow brass ring secured to the base with internal rabbets, referred to as "type III", more flexible than wrought iron and more narrow than the high band, this took the rifling much better than the earlier designs. Shell is solid casting, or "bolt" and was designed to be used against opposing cannon by striking the equipment, use of this light bolt had limited applicability and is relatively scarce in the smaller calibers. The blunt nose of this bolt was hardened by "chilling", a process of rapid cooling after casting, and was tapered to a smaller diameter in order to concentrate the force on impact. Bottom of shell usually shows a casting sprue which was rough milled, there will often be casting flaws near the base.

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