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  • Civil War Amputation Set

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    Civil War Amputation Set - Inventory Number: MED 171 

    Inscribed to Dr. William Ludwig Buechner of Youngstown, Ohio was born in 1838 in Germany and immigrated to America in 1853.  He initially settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but moved to Youngstown, Ohio in 1854.  Dr. Buechner registered for the draft in 1863 in Mahoning County, Ohio, but it is unclear whether he served in the Union Army or not.  He was a prominent doctor in the Youngstown area and served as the official doctor for several railways there.  The wooden case the instruments are housed in square measures 16 3/8" wide, 6" long and 2 3/4" high.  A brass inlay on the top of the case is engraved: " DR. BUECHNER".  The case is lined with red velvet on the inside top, removeable tray and bottom of the case.  The top of the case is provisioned for 15 medical instruments and a small square space for incidentals.  

    The top of the case has four leather fixtures to hold instruments, but only one is occupied with a pair of tweezers.  The tray is made to hold three knives, a scalpel, a small, pair of forceps, and a tenaculum.  Two of the knives are still present, each having the makers mark of H. G. KERN.  One end of the removable tray is missing also.  The bottom of the case is provisioned to store a bone saw, tourniquet, a small saw and two different sized bone forceps.  The larger forceps, bone saw and   tourniquet are still with the kit.  The seven remaining pieces of this amputation kit are all Civil War period instruments.  The wooden case shows plenty wear from use and handling but remains very sturdy.  This is an excellent addition to a Civil War collection.  

    Inventory Number: MED 171