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  • Civil War Artillery Lanyard

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    Civil War Artillery Lanyard - Inventory Number: ART 237 / SOLD

    Excellent, original condition artillery lanyard used by artillerymen during the Civil War.   This item was used to fire the cannons by hooking it to a friction primer placed in the cannon vent hole and giving a hard “yank”. The lanyard device consists of a turned wooden handle secured to a thirteen-foot length of hemp line. The wood handle measures 4½” long and is 1” in diameter at its center point, then tapers to a ‘button cap’ at each end. The lanyard line is approximately 1/8” thick and is still tightly woven and quite strong. At the end of the lanyard is a small iron hook that was to be hooked onto the friction primer.

    This interesting and rarely encountered artifact from the Civil War is an original, artillery lanyard in excellent condition.

    Inventory Number: ART 237 / SOLD