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  • Civil War Artillery Mounted Services Shell Jacket

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    Civil War Artillery Mounted Services Shell Jacket - Inventory Number:  UNI 144

    Excellent example of the U.S. Civil War light artillery shell jacket adopted in 1854. Also known as the “mounted service jacket” or shell jacket, they bore yellow trim for the cavalry and red for artillery. The red worsted wool artillery trim follows the standard pattern, edging the collar, lapel and waist, with false buttonholes on either side of the collar, each given double rows, the cuffs given an inverted chevron, and the back trimmed with arcs from each shoulder to the waist and on the top and bottom of the two belt-support bolsters. One general service button is missing from the front of the jacket and could easily be replaced. The sleeves are fully lined in white muslin. The body is lined with a heavy brown wool jean material that forms a breast pocket on the left side of the interior. Save for a pinprick sized hole on the back left shoulder, there is no moth damage to the jacket. The collar has been shortened to half its original height, a common alteration for comfort to jackets actually worn in the field. This cloth on this example is bright and in excellent condition with tight stitching. The size is rather small, with sleeves measuring 17 ½” with roughly a 32” chest. This is a nicely displaying jacket and a key addition to any Civil War uniform or artillery collection.

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     Inventory Number:  UNI 144