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  • Civil War Bugle with Cord / SOLD

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    Civil War Bugle with Cord - Inventory Number: MUS 151 / SOLD

    The distinction between trumpets for mounted troops and bugles for others was not observed to any great degree during the war and we see this pattern carried by cavalry, artillery and infantry. Made of copper with brass garland and ferrules, single twist and lengthwise dovetail seam, and standing 16 inches tall, counting the mouthpiece, this is identical to the style produced by Klemm & Brothers of Philadelphia and is a contracted miliary horn.

    This has a nice, aged patina to both the copper and brass. The solder holding the overlapping portions of the tube together is still in place. The long brass ferrule holding the mouthpiece is original and the brass garland is complete and flattened from handling and service in the field along the rim and the crimped edge of the garland where verdigris formed and ate away the thin copper. 

    This is a very good example of the quintessential Civil War contract bugle with a nice untouched patina.


    Inventory Number: MUS 151 / SOLD