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  • Civil War Cadet Soldier Boys CDV Grouping

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    Civil War Cadet Soldier Boys CDV Grouping - Inventory Number: CDV 349

    Contains four CDVs of Civil War Soldier Boys:

    1. Cadet Carrol Smyth dated March 1864 in period ink.  Wearing tunic with cap in hand.  Backmark: E. Hipple, Philadelphia.

    2. Cadet Carrol Smyth holding Civil War period toys a wooden hoop and stick.  Dated October 1862.  Backmark: M P Simons Philadelphia.

    3. Pennsylvania Cadet.  Full standing in military style.  Hand resting on book on the table.  Backmark: BS Jacoby Stroudsburg, PA.  

    4.  Cadet Frank Smyth dated November 1862 in period ink.  Full uniform.  Cap rests on table.  Backmark: MP Simons Philadelphia, PA.  

    Inventory Number: CDV 349