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  • Civil War Carbine Sling and Cartridge Box / SOLD

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    Civil War Carbine Sling and Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 284 / SOLD

    A complete example of a federal issue cavalry sling in black bridle leather. Issued to and used by Union cavalry prior to and during the Civil War, the sling was worn over the trooper’s shoulder with the snap hook attached to the sling bar on the carbine. The sling is complete with brass adjustment buckle, “batwing,” and carbine snap hook. The leather is supple with some crazing and a small tear just behind the cartridge box. The attached cartridge box is in the same condition as the sling, and they have clearly been together since the Civil War. Reenforced riveted construction complete with closure tab, roller buckles, implement pouch, and a 20 round drilled wood interior block. The rig is accompanied by a note that states it was purchased in 1953 from an elderly individual stating that it came from the Battle of Gettysburg. A nice complete example for a cavalry or carbine display. 


    Inventory Number: LEA 284 / SOLD