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  • Civil War Dog / Slave Collar / Sold

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    Civil War Dog / Slave Collar - Inventory Number: MIS 100 / Sold

    Manufactured by Froggatt, this well constructed steel collar often is conflicting identifications; often marketed as “Slave collar with history regarding the rental of the slave and their need to identify the plantation, these collars are probably more accurately described as wartime dog collars.  The linked design intersects with a 2 ¾ center plate with brass inlay bearing the engraved “T.G.E.” in a wonderful period font.  The other ends terminating in a locking mechanism consisting of a series of seven holes and a raised skeleton key lock.  This example is complete with its original functioning key, as well as a presentation box made from an 1860’s drafting case with an archival felt platform and brass plaque added.

    Inventory Number: MIS 100  / Sold