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  • Civil War Eagle Bass Drum / SOLD

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    Civil War Eagle Bass Drum - Inventory Number: MUS 065 - SOLD

    Manufactured by George G. Sutherland Argetine, Michigan in 1861

    Head is neatly painted in red, outlined in black: Clio (Mich) L.O.L. No. 363.  With a large ink inscription on the lower portion of the head reading: Made and Sold by – Geo.-Sutherland. - Argetine. 1861.”  additionally a pencil inscription reading Howard S. on the head.

    The original paper makers label on the interior reads: Manufactured and Sold by George G. Sutherland Argetine, June the 4th 1861.

    Drum measures 26” tall by 19” wide.

    GEORGE G. SUTHERLAND, who came to the village of Argentine in 1848 at the age of 22, laid the foundation of its manufacturing activities. This included wagon, buggies, sleighs and cutters as well as the framework of farm machinery, and the wooden ware used in the home in the country and towns alike-at that time

    The Sutherland Boat Works and Planning Mill stood on the banks of the mill pond in Argentine. It was destroyed by fire about 1905.

    George Sutherland died Nov. 29, 1896 His brother castle Sutherland took up 160 acres of land in November' 1854 and another 160 in January 1855. He built a stone blacksmith shop on the west side of the river near George's planing mill..

    Their father, Col. Sutherland, had located in Washtenaw County. There he built an arbor and according to "Ellis History of Genesee County· trained grape vines to cover it as a shady resting place for his Wife, Ann. As the community grew, the settlement was named "Ann Arbor." Col. Sutherland's mother was, a sister of P. T. Barnum, the great showman.

    Inventory Number: MUS 065 - SOLD