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  • Civil War Era Banjo / SOLD

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    Civil War Era Banjo - Inventory Number:  MUS 112 / SOLD

    Wonderful Civil War period 5-string banjo with a light-colored wood body and dark wood neck with wooden frets. The tuning pegs are ebony. The original head is tensioned by six brass “union forever” brackets, which are known to have been recovered from numerous Civil War sites. The tailpiece is a well-made hand carved reproduction. The inside of the head if inscribed in pencil “my grandfather’s banjo” and “Wilbur D. Whittle” with a Goshen Indiana address and “Feb. 13, 1924, G.H.S. 25 over 100 years old.” The overall length is 35”. An attractive period banjo that could still be playable. 

    Inventory Number:  MUS 112 / SOLD