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    Civil War Era Carpet Bag - Inventory Number: PER 370 / SOLD

    A carpet bag is a top-opening travelling bag made of carpet, commonly from an oriental rug. It was an inexpensive and popular form of luggage in the United States and Europe in the 19th century, featuring simple handles and only an upper frame. The term “carpetbagger” was coined to describe opportunistic Northerners who came to the Southern states after the American Civil War, who were perceived to be exploiting the local populace for their own financial, political, and/or social gain. The term broadly included both individuals who sought to promote Republican politics and individuals who saw business and political opportunities because of the chaotic state of the local economies following the war. In practice, the term carpetbagger was often applied to any Northerners who were present in the South during the Reconstruction Era. This example measures 15” by 13” and is in good, sturdy condition with a functional closure lock and a sturdy, oilcloth covered base with three brass studs.

    Inventory Number: PER 370 / SOLD