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  • Civil War Era Minor's Patent Lantern / SOLD

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    Civil War Era Minor's Patent Lantern - Dated Pat Jan. 24th, 1865 - Inventory Number: CAM 376 / SOLD

    This folding lantern has the original Mica windows, Japanned finish and a painted gold stencil design.  This lantern was made to collapses down to a small pocket sized square.  When opened the lantern measures approximately 3" wide x 3 5/8" deep x 5 1/8" inches tall.  Two sides have windows with a gold stenciled linear design.  The third side is solid with the same gold designs around the edges and “MINOR’S PATENT JAN. 24, 1865” at center.  Both the decoration and Patent information are faint but visible throughout.  The back panel is solid with a looped handle at one edge.  This back panel swings open to expose the inside of the lantern.  Just inside the door is a tin protecting shield that keeps any wind from blowing out the candle.  There is an interior compartment for storing spare candles and matches.  The U.S. Patent Office issued Patent #46,011 on January 24,1865 to John A. Minor who was the inventor of this lantern.  A truly unique piece to add to any collection.  Complete with an original candle which appears to have been present since the 1860’s!

    Inventory Number: CAM 376 / SOLD