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  • Civil War Field Telescope With Southern History!/ SOLD

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    Civil War Field Telescope With Southern History! - Inventory Number: PER 345 / SOLD

    Exceptional Civil War era collapsible field telescope. Three brass sections draw out from the body of the scope, which is tightly covered with polished brown leather. The eyepiece is opened and closed with a small, sliding brass aperture. The front half of the body extends to serve as a sunshade. The telescope still retains its original brass lens cap and carrying case, which is made of cardboard covered in brown polished cotton. Fully functional with clear optics. The scope measures about 6.5 inches collapsed and 18.5 inches fully extended with sunshade. This piece came from the James Mason family of Blacksburg, Virginia and was part of a period saddlebag collection. A wonderful piece of Civil War optics.

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    Inventory Number: PER 345 / SOLD