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  • Civil War Hardtack / SOLD

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    Civil War Hardtack - Inventory Number: CAM 482 / SOLD

    An intact piece of the infamous Civil War soldier’s ration, hardtack. A plain flour and water biscuit, this example measures 3” square and is in excellent condition. As Union Army veteran John D. Billings noted in his book, “hardtack was not so bad an article of food, even when traversed by insects, as may be supposed. Eaten in the dark, no one could tell the difference between it and hardtack that was untenanted. It was no uncommon occurrence for a man to find the surface of his pot of coffee swimming with weevils, after breaking up hardtack in it, which had come out of the fragments only to drown; but they were easily skimmed off and left no distinctive flavor behind. 

    Comes housed in a 6 x 8 inch display case with blue velvet backing and descriptive card.

    Inventory Number: CAM 482 / SOLD