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  • Civil War Holster Great Carved Star!

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    Civil War Holster Great Carved Star! - Inventory Number: LEA 368

    Large frame revolver holster for the Colt and Remington Army Revolvers as well as the Colt Navy.  This example has been constructed with an open top design for faster access to the grip.  The back has an integral belt loop which would accommodate a 1 ½” belt.  There are several small tack holes present from nailing to a block during construction indicating either Civilian or Confederate manufacture.  The seam has a period reinforced stitching running the length of the seam.  The original Base plug is present.  The ere is a well-executed five-pointed star deeply carved into the face of the leather.  A cool holster that will add plenty of aesthetic value to a pistol display.

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    Inventory Number: LEA 368