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  • Civil War Housewife Sewing Kit / Solo

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    Civil War "Housewife" - Inventory Number: CAM 044 / SOLD

    Classic Soldier's Sewing Kit used to repair uniform and essentials on the march contains an original package of sewing needles marked, "James Smith & Son's." Nice colorful example. 

    Civil War soldiers did not have many extra items of clothing, so the clothing they wore took a lot of wear and tear.  Soldiers were often sent off to war with “housewives” or small sewing kits made by their wives, mothers, or girlfriends.  These were usually made from scraps of fabric or sometimes leather, and could be folded or rolled to pocket-size, and then fastened with ribbon, yarn, or a button.  They contained essential sewing supplies such as needles, pins, thread, buttons, a small pair of scissors, extra scraps of fabric, and possibly a thimble.  When a soldier needed to sew on a button or mend a tear, all of the necessary supplies would be at hand. 

    Inventory Number: CAM 044/ SOLD