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  • Civil War Import British P1860 Cartridge Box

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    Civil War Import British P1860 Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 387

    British made imported cartridge box. Classic pattern 1860 cartridge box imported in large numbers by the Confederacy, with some captured from blockade runners issued to Federal troops as well.

    These cartridge boxes are variations of the Pattern 1860 cartridge pouches issued to the British army. They use a five-compartment tin (lacking on this example),for carrying five packs of ten cartridges each, but omit the implement pocket and cap pouch that were integral to the British issue boxes. They also lack any British army inspection or acceptance marks. Made of black leather turned rough side out, the box has loops on the rear and buckles on the bottom to affix a shoulder sling, but no provision for wear on a waist belt. Latch tab is white buff leather, blind stitched to the cover. Inner flap in place with correct long side ears.

    Excellent condition. Never had any leather dressing or treatment applied.

    In contrast to American boxes that carried four packs of cartridges, two of which were to be open for use in the top trays of the interior tins, British boxes were intended to be used as a reserve, with a separate "ball bag" holding cartridges from opened packs for ready use. This was regarded as superfluous by the Confederate ordnance authorities and many of the ball bags that did make it over here were altered to cap boxes. American usage, however, also dictated carrying sixty rounds into action, with the extra cartridges simply carried in the pockets.

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    Inventory Number: LEA 387