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    Civil War Inkwell - Inventory Number: CAM 406 / SOLD  

    Wonderful 1860’s inkwell with original paper makers label: Antique Stoneware ARNOLD'S Ink Bottle* Stoneware Ink bottle.  Possibly manufactured by: Vitreous Stone Bottle - J. Bourne & Son, Denby Pottery a local supplier.

    This example was known as dwarf ink or penny ink, it derives its name from the price paid for. * Measures : 2" H x 1 7/8" W. Original paper label : "ARNOLD'S SUPERIOR BLACK INK P & J ARNOLD 135 ALDERSGATE STREET, LONDON"* In its heyday, Pichard and John Arnold's early 19th-century firm manufactured over 30 varieties of ink. By the middle of the century, their writing fluid was widely imported into the United States in Bourne's stoneware bottles and had become a competitive threat to the domestic market.

    Inventory Number: CAM 406 / SOLD