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    Civil War Letter - Inventory Number: DOC 212 / SOLD

    Very interesting content including mention of a solder killed at Fredericksburg and fighting.  Transcritpion included.

    "Bro Eben,

    We have written you and directed {the letter} to Washington.  That accounts for the delay.  Probably you will get it and I sent home papers with you last [t] received but I suppose they did not forward them to you.  There is nothing new at present.  Ellen Crawford and Miss Davis weree here last night.  Joe has written that he has been fighting under Gen. Foster at Goldsboro.  He says that it is dam rough.  After a long march he was very tired and hungry and walking around camp he fell into a ditch and got covered with mud from head to foot.  Prince David has had typhoid got better and had a relapse and dont think that he will get well.  

    Crawford has been to [see] Ellen and given her heck.  He says he will break up housekeeping for him how he liked fighting.  He pulled a watch out of his pocket and says ["] I didn't come her to fight - I come to steal.  ["] Tom Craigg had got home and is at work in _______ and Bakers.  Harrington's friend Taylor who enlisted with them was killed at Fredsburg [Fredericksburg].  The rest of them boys are well.  The children prefer your letter to their dinners.  The letters must be read first, the dinners after.  They all wish you a happy New Year.

    Dan[s] letter i send to you.  I wrote him a month ago but I think that he did not get it.  Mother was up to Mark's house Sunday night and spent the eve and I expect the two old ladies talked it out well.  The report is today that we have got Knoxvillee, Tennessee.  I will send papers as often as I can but they dont seem to be a particular about sending them as they do letter.  Lue Eye Lauborn has comr home wounded.  Tell Mark to keep a stiff lip up and he will make a Galleant Talion before he comes home.  Wish you both happy New Year.  


    Inventory Number: DOC 212 / SOLD