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  • Civil War Model 1850 Non-Regulation Staff and Field Officer's Sword and Scabbard / SOLD

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     Civil War Model 1850 Non-Regulation Staff and Field Officer's Sword and Scabbard - Inventory Number: SWO 006 / SOLD

    This edged weapon is an imported, Civil War Model 1850 staff and field officer's sword complete with its metal scabbard in good, original condition.  An example of a Federal staff officer's non-regulation edged weapon, this sword is an import produced by the Prussian sword maker W. Walscheid.  Maker's mark of "W. WALSCHEID / SOLINGEN" strongly stamped on the reverse ricasso while the obverse ricasso shows the brass disk with 'proved' on the inside diameter.  An acid etching of intricate scroll design is exhibited on both flats of the blade, starting 3½" up from the ricasso and extending along the blade for some 10" . Obverse blade has the same style etching and displays the letters "U.S." flanked by a delicate foliate design.  Reverse side of the blade displays the foliate design and a large spread winged eagle. The spine of the blade is etched "Iron Proof".

    A large, iron hilt features a two-band guard with integrated cutouts which features a cutout medallion bearing a small spreadwinged eagle above block letters "U S".  Shark-skin covers the wood grips.  The brass wire wrap has seven twists.  The metal scabbard is very good condition overall retaining both bands, sword suspension mounts, throat and sword rings. 

    This original imported Model 1850 non-regulation Staff and Field officer's sword is a wonderful example of a Civil War edged weapon that would display well in any collection.

    Inventory Number: SWO 006 / SOLD