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  • Civil War Pistol Cartridge Box / SOLD

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    Civil War Pistol Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 285 / SOLD

    Soldiers armed with pistols required separate cartridge boxes. These show up in three sizes, which vary not by the caliber of the ammunition but the configuration of the packs that contained it. Not intended to have magazine tins, the boxes have additional leather sections fixed inside that kept the cartridge packs in place by friction. This box is in very good condition and bears an inspector’s cartouche and “US” on the front flap. The closure tab is complete and pliable, and both attachment loops are in good condition. All leather is in very good condition. This one measures 6” by 4” across the front of the exterior flap. This cartridge box was purchased from George Lower’s “Gettysburg Sutler” in 1977. A fine example.


    Inventory Number: LEA 285 / SOLD