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  • Civil War Relic Board / SOLD

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    Civil War Relic Board - SOLD

    A fantastic Civil War relic board containing a great collection of battlefield artifacts that were recovered from battlefields and mounted in a federal shield shaped shadow box display case.  Top of the box has, "WAR OF "61", in gold with a bayonet.  Bullets form "US," "CS", and a star on the interior of the box.  Assembled Ca 1900.  Originated from Westminster, MD.  Measures approximately 24" x 25".  Great uncleaned untouched attic dry wood just as found, untreated, never oiled, etc. Would certainly be the center piece of any relic room!  Contains artillery shell fragments, US plate, buckles, bullets, pipe, Eagle buttons, Trans-Mississippi star, numerous spur pieces, pocket knife, brass found double pistol barrel, Sharps four barrel pepperbox barrel, sword hanger, bayonet scabbard finial, musket nose caps and Austrian Lorenz lock plate. 

    Inventory Number: REL 003 / SOLD