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  • Civil War Relic Board

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    Fantastic and large Civil War Relic Board - Almost a hundred individual items mounted on a 48" x 25.5" plywood board, virtually all captioned with typed paper labels indicating the major battlefields on which they were found - Antietam, Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, "Custer's Battlefield, and others.  Items include buttons, minie balls, shrapnel, shell fragments, several .58 caliber socket bayonets, leather cartridge box, canteens, powder horns, belt plates and arrowheads.  Of particular note is a piece of wood with a bullet lodged in it indicated as being from Spotsylvania and an Enfield bayonet and scabbard. All items in dug, as found condition.  Would certainly be the center piece of any room!

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