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  • Civil War Stoneware Jug / SOLD

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    Civil War Stoneware Jug - Inventory Number: MIS 078 / SOLD

    Very nice Civil War example.  These were the common in every house across the nation. What the original jug contained is not known, but could have contained any liquid, from whiskey to vinegar. Antique stoneware vessels were shaped by hand on the potter’s wheel, or in a wooden mold. After the freshly shaped vessel had air dried, sometimes Albany slip clay, which was dark brown in color, was used to coat the interior. The pieces were then placed in a bee-hive shaped kiln and fired at about 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. When the heat was at its maximum, a bucket of course salt was thrown into the kiln. The salt vaporized, covering all exposed surfaces with a shiny and somewhat pitted, or pebbled finish referred to as “salt glaze”.

    Inventory Number: MIS 078 / SOLD