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  • Civil War Surgical Amputation Kit / SOLD

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    Civil War Surgical Amputation Kit - Inventory Number: MED 100 / SOLD

    Excellent Wartime example manufactured by Tiemann of New York.  This case is the desirable 63 Chatham Street address where they were in operation from 1858-1864.  The case is near complete and only lacking some probes and a handle for the trephine.  All of the instruments are clearly marked Tiemann.   

    Entire case is lined in red velvet material.  The mahogany exterior has acquired a pleasing, dark toned patina overall. Top lid features a plain, unmarked brass medallion inlaid into the center of the lid. Three of four brass end caps on the lid or missing but would be easy to reconstruct based on the remaining example.  

    Highly desirable and sought after Civil War Era Amputation Kit offers a unique opportunity to add a piece of American medical history to any Civil War period medical collection.

    Inventory Number: MED 100 / SOLD