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  • Civil War Surgical Amputation Kit / Sold

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    Civil War Surgical Amputation Kit - Inventory Number: MED 140 / Sold

    Beautiful original two-tier kit amputation set by John F. Kuemerle, of Philadelphia, Pa.  His business operated at 111 South 8th Street during the war.  The mahogany box measures 16 1/2 x 6 1/2" x $ when closed.  It is lined with a beautiful bright red velvet which is in excellent condition.  The case retains nearly all of its original finish with some loss on the right side of the veneer.  

    The case contains numerous instruments, including the capital amputation saw, large metacarpal saw, pair of tenaculum, pair of large surgical knives, a pair of locking tweezers, double headed metacarpal saw, trephine, surgical silver and sutures.

    An outstanding example for any Civil War or early Medical collection!

    Inventory Number: MED 140 / Sold