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  • Civil War U.S. “Bullseye” Canteen

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    Civil War U.S. “Bullseye” Canteen - Inventory Number:  CAN 145

    Civil War Union corrugated canteen, known to collectors as the "Bullseye” pattern with reinforcement rings stamped on each side. It still has all three of the original strap loops present, as well as a soft, light brown wool cover with the painted initials “W W T”. The original cotton web sling is still present and complete. The original stopper is still retained in the pewter spout, which has the initials “A A” scratched into it, and a small hole drilled into it to aid in ventilation while drinking. This style of canteen is typical of those issued during the war by the Philadelphia Depot. A fine, complete example of a classic Civil War bullseye canteen.

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     Inventory Number:  CAN 145