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  • Civil War U.S. Navy “Pepper” Bottle / SOLD

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    Civil War U.S. Navy “Pepper” Bottle - Inventory Number: BOT 117 / SOLD

    This bottle was used to hold pepper sauce by sailors during the Civil War. One side has the raised word “PEPPER” and on the opposite side “U.S. NAVY”. There was also a similar bottle with “MUSTARD” on one side instead of pepper.

    It is unclear whether each crewmember had their own bottle of pepper sauce or whether it was part of the general galley or mess decks and shared by all. Also, this bottle did not contain the same type of dry pepper we are used to today, it was a pepper sauce. Condiments were used liberally to season the crewman's bland diet. This piece measures 5 3/8” high. The bottle stopper was originally made out of cork. Scarce.

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    Inventory Number: BOT 117 / SOLD