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  • Colt Dragoon Holster

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    Colt Dragoon Holster - Inventory Number:  LEA 334

    This holster is in very fine condition. Accoutrement measures a total of 16” long with its flap closed. Holster is made from two pieces of thick, black bridle leather; the flap being machine-stitched to the body. A separate closure tab is securely stitched and riveted to the underside of the flap. This tab is unbroken and flexible. Holster has a wide belt loop on the reverse that measures 3 ½” wide at the top and is still strongly stitched and riveted in place. Loop is in strong, flexible condition. Holster body still retains a leather plug sewn to close the muzzle end of the holster. Brass, bullet-head finial attached to the main body. There are no makers’ marks visible. Displays crazing all over, most aggressively on the top of flap.

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     Inventory Number:  LEA 334