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  • Colt London Model 1851 Navy Revolver / Sold

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    Colt London Model 1851 Navy Revolver - Inventory Number: HAN 100 / Sold

    Manufactured c. 1853, the revolver is complete with a Colt English style case and accessories.  The top barrel flat is clearly marked: "ADDRESS. COL. COLT. LONDON" with arrows at either end.  The cylinder is roll-engraved with the Texas Navy battle scene, "COLTS PATENT No./Engraved BY W.L. Ornmsby New York City" and "Engaged 16 May 1843" along the edge of the cylinder. "COLTS PATENT" on the left side of the frame.  The full serial number is stamped on the loading lever, barrel lug, frame, trigger guard and cylinder.  All of the cylinder, trigger guard and back strap have traces of the high polish blue finish.  The loading lever, frame and hammer are color casehardened.  The one-piece grip is English walnut with a piano finish.  The English style case is oak with an inlaid inscription plate.  The case has six compartment and is lined with bright red felt.  

    The case contains: Combination nipple wrench/screwdriver, iron straight leg, double cavity bullet mold marked, "COLTS/PATENT" in two lines across the top pf the steel sprue cutter, 500 count tin of percussion caps with most of the contend, bag-shaped powder flask with sling ring and adjustable charger marked: "J.Barlow Patent", bullets, empty wooden cartridge block for six .36 caliber cartridges with label and the original key.

    The action functions perfectly.  The case exterior is in good overall condition with minor handling marks.  The interior is in very good condition: the lining is clean and bright and the only significant wear is some small tears caused by contact with the hammer and cone front sight.  The nipple wrench, bullet mold and cap tin are in very good condition.  The bag-shaped Dixon powder flask is in excellent condition; retains at least 90% of the original gold-plated finish, and nearly all of the fire blue finish is present on the spring.

    This is a very fine example of a high-quality factory cased Colt London Model 1851 Navy Revolver.  Author R.L. Wilson stated in "THe Book Colt Firearms" about 3,500 London Navy Revolvers were factory cases.  

    Additional photos available upon request.

    Inventory Number: HAN 100 / Sold