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  • Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver Manufactured in 1852 / SOLD

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    Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver Manufactured in 1852 - Inventory Number: HAN 195 / SOLD

    One of the most popular pistols ever produced by Samuel Colt’s firm in Hartford, Connecticut was Colt’s Navy model. Colt designated the term “Navy” to imply the caliber (.36) of the weapon, as he did with its later and heavier companion, the Colt Model 1860 “Army of .44 caliber.

    Manufactured in 1852, this example bears matching serial numbers #12476. A much carried sidearm used before and during the American Civil War, one of over 215,000 such sidearms made through 1873. The revolver features an un-rebated cylinder mated to a 7½” long octagonal barrel. The cylinder rotates and the hammer holds when cocked, but the action is somewhat sticky, and the hammer will fall when the trigger is pulled on half cock. The engraved naval engagement scene on the cylinder between the Republic of Texas Navy and the Mexican Navy is partially visible but highly worn. All nipples are present and in good condition. The three-screw frame features a clear “COLTS PATENT” stamping on the left side.

    The octagonal barrel with attached loading lever exhibits an aged, light gray patina. Barrel address marking “ADDRESS SAM’L COLT NEW YORK CITY” is strong and clear. All metal on the frame, cylinder, and hammer wears a smooth, dark gray. Shows few light abrasion marks. The walnut grips and are in good overall condition with no cartouches. Traces of silver wash are still visible on the brass trigger guard. Overall, an attractive, well used example of an early Colt Navy. 

    Inventory Number: HAN 195 / SOLD