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  • Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver Manufactured in 1861 / SOLD

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    Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver Manufactured in 1861 - Inventory Number: HAN 197 / SOLD

    The Colt Model 1860 .44 Caliber Army Revolver was the classic cavalry sidearm of the Civil War. These revolvers were purchased by the U.S. army in numbers rivalled only by Remington and Starr revolvers later in the conflict, purchased in significant numbers by the south in the months before the war broke out, and made their way into Confederate hands during the war by capture. Essentially a streamlined and lighter weight version of the .44 caliber Colt Dragoon, the U.S. government purchased them from Colt and even retail dealers early on. Production totals reached about 156,000 by war’s end but continued to 1873. This example is an early version produced in 1861, with a fourth frame screw for attaching an optional shoulder stock. It has matching serial numbers # 19550 throughout. 

    The pistol shows significant use, lacking any finish, but is complete and all original. The bore shows dirt and pitting from use. The mechanics are functional but somewhat loose. The cylinder arbor has a very slight bend to the left. One nipple is broken, and the rest are original and considerably worn. The barrel address and “COLTS PATENT” stamp are all fully legible. The cylinder scene has long since worn away.  All iron surfaces have a mottled gray to dark brown patina. The grips show some rounding of the edges but are in generally good condition. The brass has a medium tone showing some age browning. A good representative example of the classic Civil War cavalry revolver. 


    Inventory Number: HAN 197 / SOLD