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  • Colt Navy Revolver - Three chambers still loaded! / SOLD

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    Colt Navy Revolver – Inventory Number: HAN 164 / SOLD

    Three chambers still loaded!

    This fascinating pistol has quite a few interesting characteristics.  Beside the condition being very good with the original bluing and cylinder scene being prominent, this revolver has a cylinder with three original rounds remaining.  The barrel has split on the last two inches along the Colt marking and appears to have been seated back together to continue its service!   The pistol bears a small “S” (special) below the serial numbers, indicating the revolver was intending to have special features such as factory engraving.  The Colt’s patent mark was not stamped on the frame as it was intended to be hand-engraved and never received it.  There is a really neat story in this revolvers history if it could only speak.

    Inventory Number: HAN 164 / SOLD