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  • Complete Box of 1865 Spencer Cartridges

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    Complete Box of 1865 Spencer Cartridges - Inventory Number: BUL 386

    Full box of 1865 56-50 Spencer Carbine cartridges, containing 42 rounds in cardboard envelopes. The cardboard box measures 4 ½” square by 1 7/8” in height and has a green paper label on the lid that reads “FORTY-TWO PRIMED METALLIC CARTRIDGES for SPENCER CARBINE, Cal. 50, Model 1865. MANUFACTURED BY SAGE AMMUNITION WORKS, Middletown, Conn. Smith & Wesson Patent, April 17th 1860.” The lid is partially torn at the flaps and the bottom has a glued repair. A scarce full box of Spencer ammunition. 

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    Inventory Number: BUL 386