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  • Confederate 3-Inch Read Shell from Chancellorsville / SOLD

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    Confederate 3-Inch Read Shell from Chancellorsville - Inventory Number: CON 288 / SOLD

    This Confederate Read pattern shell was developed because of the necessity to save man hours and tooling costs. Instead of having to turn the entire length of the projectile body on a lathe, only the two bourrelets needed to be machined to tolerance. This projectile is an example of an early bourreleted Read pattern manufactured for a wooden fuse plug. A distinctive mold seam runs the entire length of the projectile body. The copper sabot shows excellent rifling impressions from a 3-inch Ordnance Rifle. The rust on the body of the shell is stable and has been coated for preservation. A nice Confederate shell from the Battle of Chancellorsville. 


    Inventory Number: CON 288 /SOLD