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  • Confederate $500 Bill - Stonewall Jackson Note / Sold

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    Confederate $500 Bill – Stonewall Jackson Note - Inventory Number: CUR 065 / Sold

    This $500 Confederate note has a pink web overprint and features a portrait of General T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson in the lower right corner (General Jackson's "Chancellorsville" portrait, taken at a Spotsylvania County farm on April 26, 1863, seven days before he was wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville). Along the left side of the note is a picture of the Confederate battle flag and Great Seal of the Confederate States of America (Includes George Washington on horseback and the Latin inscription  "DEO VINDICE" (translated "God Being the Defender.")). A red Confederate Treasury Department stamp is found in the top right corner. This note was printed with pink and black ink. There is no design on the back.

    Inscriptions: "Two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States & The United States, The Confederate States of America will pay to the bearer on demand Five Hundred Dollars/ Richmond Feb. 17th 1864/ Keatinge & Ball Columbia SC"

    The T-64 1864 $500 confederate money features Stonewall Jackson and as such is the only confederate general to appear on the bills of the southern confederacy. The notes were produced in Richmond Virginia during the later part of the confederacy in 1864. This confederate money comes in either a red or pink background. The darkness of the notes depended on how much ink the printers, Keatinge and Ball had available.  There were not that many of these bills produced, around 169,000. Wonderful condition example. 

    Inventory Number: CUR 065 / Sold